Achieving Potential. Woman by Woman.

Just imagine if by 2025 all the world’s 4.1 billion women and girls felt supported, valued and had purpose. Join us to make our vision a reality.

Achieving Potential. Woman by Woman.

Just imagine if by 2025 all the world’s 4.1 billion women and girls felt supported, valued and had purpose. Join us to make our vision a reality.

Help a sister out, support your own growth, share prosperity. The Butterfly Temple is a Social Enterprise that supports women and girls to feel valued, respected and purposeful. For many sisters in need today, just putting food on the table each day is a win. Having self-worth feels remote. A sense of purpose is a far away thought. Through a series of donation programs and partnerships, The Butterfly Temple supports our sisters with tools to break the cycle, and find and live their purpose.

For Leaders & Executives.
Grow Your Thought Leadership, Support Others.

Grow your authentic online leadership profile with a Personal Branding Foundations program. As you define and amplify your Personal Brand, 10% of your fees are donated to help a woman in need become job-ready.

For Aspiring Leaders. Buy One Masterclass, Give One Program.

Enrol in our Personal Branding Essential Masterclass for authentic aspiring leaders. Learn how to be highly visible with the tools and know-how to confidently communicate an authentic YOU. As you excel, a sister receives support to become job-ready and flourish too.

Need Support? Want to Live a Better Life?

If you’re a sister in need, The Butterfly Temple is here to help you through the support of sisters, charity and organisational partners. Move ahead and live a fulfilling life, as you choose it to be. Know you’re not alone, know someone cares, know there is another way.

Today, too many women’s lives are seeped in intergenerational poverty, violence, PTSD, a refugee experience, a disability or a combination of all - and Covid 19 only compounded the challenges. Our vision is to help our sisters find and live their purpose. Woman by Woman.

Founder, Trudy Johnston

From losing my mother at the age of 4, to becoming a shy, unconfident single mum aged 21 to achieving an internationally successful 27 year media and Personal Branding career, The Butterfly Temple is my give-back. Today I’m a grandma of five. My dedication is to contribute so this world is a place we’re proud to leave for all our children and their children’s children.

As We Grow Ourselves,
We Help Others.

Through our sister companies, Vim + Zest Personal Branding and Vim + Zest, we grow authentic, purpose-driven leadership and organisations to create positive change, and simultaneously partner with a  range of organisations to support those most in need to break the cycle.

Be Involved. Simple to Give. Easy to Receive.

Butterflies are symbols of transformation. Temples hold and protect what’s sacred in life. The vision of The Butterfly Temple is simple: to transform and grow self-worth and hold ourselves as precious, just as we are. As a Social Enterprise, we partner with service delivery organisations to directly support women in need through a donation program.

Join Us. Be a Part of Something Bigger.
Create Impact.

Women and girls are more subject to the multi-layered impact of poverty, violence and climate change. Think about this: according to the UN, today it would only take less than 1% of the combined income of the richest nations in the world to end extreme poverty in our world. If we made the right choices, we could actually turnaround the biggest challenges for women and girls.

Let’s Share Our Prosperity. Let’s Make Our Vision a Reality.

If each one of us takes a small step to grow our leadership and help another at the same time, we’d mitigate the impact of intergenerational challenges and create real positive change.

If You Need Help Right Now,
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